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Project Clover one year on

It is nearly twelve months ago that we first announced the details of Project Clover, our industry-leading initiative to deliver an enhanced protective environment for our European user data. Project Clover represents a €12 billion investment in European data security from TikTok over the next ten years.

Project Clover is made up of several core tenants, including storing European user data in Europe by default; putting additional safeguards and restrictions around that data, building on our existing controls; having a third-party security company independently monitor and verify these safeguards; and building advanced privacy enhancing technologies into these already robust procedures.

Over the past year, we have made significant progress in implementing this comprehensive and unprecedented project:

  • Our first Irish data centre is now online and we have started migrating and storing European user data in it.
  • Our Norway data centre is well-advanced. We have taken possession of the first building and begun installing and testing servers and it will come online later this year. Our Norway data centre will run on 100% renewable energy and will be highly energy efficient, with heat re-use for other projects.
  • We announced leading European cybersecurity firm, NCC Group, as the independent security provider for Project Clover. NCC Group will independently audit our data controls and safeguards, monitor data flows, provide independent verification of security protocols, and report any incidents. NCC Group has now begun this work.
  • While our European data centres come online, we have established a new dedicated secure enclave for our European user data, hosted in the interim in the US.
  • We have implemented additional restrictions on access to European user data, including no access to restricted data stored in our new European data enclave from employees in China.

TikTok has prioritised significant resources and investment in implementing this considerable project at speed, and will make further announcements on progress over the coming year. Project Clover delivers an even greater, industry-leading set of safeguards for the data of our more than 150 million users across Europe.